Renovation of The Knighton Hotel Nears Completion

Renovation works at The Knighton Hotel are nearing conclusion. Following the recent purchase of The Knighton Hotel, Paymán Investments began renovating the hotel so as to upgrade to a higher standard in anticipation of the lifting of restrictions related to the pandemic.

Works commenced initially with fixing the roof, which had suffered from the loss and displacement of some slates. This had caused water ingress from various points, which had to be made water tight. While some parts of the roof were more easily accessible, a cherry picker had to be hired to work on other parts.

Further water damage had been caused from leaking window sills in some of the bedrooms alongside the front facade of the property facing Broad Street, the main road in the town bordering Wales and England.

Given the listed nature of the property, specialist workers had to be contracted to ensure works were carried out in a compliant way.

Besides ensuring that no further water damage was taking place from water ingress, remedial works were also undertaken to ensure the affected areas are cleaned up and put right. Not only had water entered from outside of the hotels, there were also certain pipes that had burst, the damage from which had to be dealt with. Besides fixing the guilty pipes, this involved drying up moisture, skimming and painting walls, and replacing carpets.

The bathrooms were already in a very good condition, so the rest of the work focused on redecorating the bedrooms. Featured walls with beautiful colours giving a high-end luxury feel will ensure the hotel provides an attractive holiday destination for the upcoming surge in staycations. Paintings and mirrors were also added to fill the walls. New furniture for all the bedrooms has also been ordered and is scheduled to be delivered next week to replace existing furniture.

If you want to find out more about investing with Paymán Investments to help purchase and revitalise hotels across the country and help safeguard British hospitality for future generations, please visit our website.

If you would like to book a stay at The Knighton Hotel, you can do so here.

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