Our vision at Paymán Investments pivots around long-term income, and a comfortable lifestyle.

Part of this process is also long-term impact. Naturally then, the next generation and education emerge as the most impactful goals to focus on. In this light, we pursue a two-pronged approach that highlights the importance of socioeconomic rights for the next generation.

For 0 to 11 year olds, Paymán Investments partners with a range of orphanages that provide an ethical approach to basic socioeconomic (shelter, health, education, food, security) rights of children. For 11 to 16 year olds Paymán Investments partners with selected schools to increase access to the right to education. In line with our focus, our impact programme provides educational opportunities and scholarships for innovation in finance. 

From financial literacy projects to fintech apps, our impact programme aims to enable the younger generation to not only witness, but help shape a culture of creative, healthy and inclusive financial life among the next generation to increase return on investment for all. The scholarship aims to universalise information about and increase innovation for access to investment to help wealth grow systematically and organically to ensure long-term success.

Our Paymán Investments Scholarships are allocated to selected schools in Africa and Asia that offer innovative approaches to ethical financial literacy of 11-16 year olds. At the conclusion of each academic year, schools may apply for scholarships based on our criteria of achievement in innovative financial education.  Following their successful applications, a selection of three finalists are interviewed to assess direct impact on the learners in terms of their understanding of ethical financial and investment literacy, as well as increase in their level of participation in wealth generation.

The scholarships contribute towards the expansion of impactful initiatives that help increase personal and community wealth in some of the strongest emerging markets. Inspired by increasing research on the importance of women’s financial inclusion, and in line with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as Sustainable Development Goals 4, 5 and 8, priority is given to schools that maintain at least 50% female participants.

By investing in Paymán Investments, you increase wealth for you and your loved ones. In addition, you enable Paymán Investments Scholarships to assist some of the highest potential schools to strengthen long-term investment markets through education of the next generation.

To promote sustainable economic growth, investment decisions should be also attentive to strengthening local economies and taking intentional steps to assist local businesses as a pillar of a healthy economy. At Paymán Investments we seek to reinvigorate local economies through revitalisation of local high streets and derelict hotels, and safeguarding listed buildings, which otherwise may end up in the hands of developers. In the operation of the hotels we always prioritise local suppliers, as we believe this helps the whole local economy to be resilient in time of difficulty. Finally, being aware of the importance of community initiatives in creating vibrant localities, in every hotel we dedicate special spaces for community activities that can create a lively environment for everyone.

Payman’s Impact Scheme rewards projects that focus on service and innovation

We honor the underserved and support those who give of themselves to their families, schools and communities.
We believe best lines of action come from those who are closest to the challenges at hand.
We welcome expressions of interest from marginalised and vulnerable volunteers, change makers and those who want to build a better world, one day at a time.
We are particularly interested in service projects initiated and managed by young citizens between 13 and 18 years of age. We look for vision, commitment and ethos that shape and share characters and values essential to a sustainable life based on reflection, consultation and collective action to provide for local needs.

To pitch your idea please email us at impact@paymaninvestments.com

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