Dumfries & Galloway! What's Going On? Douglas Arms Hotel

Dumfries & Galloway! Features Douglas Arms Hotel

Days after finalising the transaction, Paymán Investments was already featured on “Dumfries & Galloway! What’s Going On?”. Coverage from the local press goes to show how important the work that we are undertaking is and what positive impact our investments are set to have on local communities.

Our sister company, Keezark, finalised a deal for managing the hotel set in the heart of Castle Douglas, Dumfries & Galloway, less than a fortnight ago. Discussions with a local community group are progressing and initial meetings with architects have already taken place to explore how the hotel can best be put to use to benefit the local community. The vision is to achieve a symbiosis between a privately-run business and a community-focused non-profit organisation. Initial conversations are proving very fruitful and we are hopeful that a long-term collaboration will be established. We are currently awaiting receipt of quotes for works from a number of construction companies and hope to commence works before the end of the month.

Dumfries & Galloway! What’s Going On? Features Douglas Arms Hotel

DGWGO Features Douglas Arms Hotel

Why did Dumfries & Galloway DGWGO featured the Douglas Arms Hotel? We believe it is because this development is major news for the area. Castle Douglas currently suffers from a lack of sufficient high-quality holiday and short term accommodation. This is having an impact on the community as a whole and the nearby famous cattle market have reportedly threatened to relocate due to the shortage in overnight accommodation. Besides helping to fulfil this unmet demand, it is hoped that the Douglas Arms Hotel will also contribute to uplifting the local economy as a whole in Dumfries & Galloway. By attracting large numbers of tourists to the area and enabling overnight stays, customer spending in food and beverage providers, local gift shops and other small businesses should all receive a positive boost. Last, but not least, the physical appearance of the hotel will hopefully be transformed from an eye-sore right in the centre of town to an attractive sight for visitors and locals alike.

Should you be interested helping us in our mission of purchasing and refurbishing hotels across the UK, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us by clicking here, and a memeber of our Team will reach out shortly to discuss in further detail.

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