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Maycliffe Hotel

Maycliffe Hotel, Saint Lukes Road North, Torquay, TQ2 5PD, United Kingdom
Number of Bedrooms: 30

Set within ambling distance from the Torquay Seafront beach, Maycliffe Hotel in Torquay proves to be an uncontested accommodation when it comes to exploring different opportunities and embarking on breathtaking adventures lying ahead for you in Torquay, the world-renowned Agatha Christie’s hometown and the setting for many of her best-seller novels.

Maycliffe Hotel is perched on a charming and calming street with the cheerfully shaggy trees across securing the hotel with the abundance of shade and the sun rays glittering through the leaves fluttering with the seaside breeze and caressing your cheeks.

Known for its quintessential palm trees, and sandy, serene, and shiny beaches, Torquay is located at the very heart of the English Riviera or the commonly-referred-to-as English Channel, making up Torbay together with the adjoining towns of Paignton and Brixam. The seaside resort towns are dotted with numerous beaches, attractions, shops, cafes, and bars stretched out along the water, making an unmatched holiday experience with you staying at the characterful and picturesque Maycliffe Hotel.

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