Redina Hasani

Head of Fundraising

Redina is a medical doctor, graduated from Charles University, Prague who recently relocated to London. She has previously studied in the USA, Denmark, Canada, Czech Republic and is fluent in 6 languages. She was the coordinator for Albania and Kosovo for the research programme “Genotyping in undertested /untested cystic fibrosis populations in the Middle-East, Transcaucasia, Turkey & Eastern North Africa” during 2015-2019 from Vertex Pharmaceuticals.
Whilst in her last year of university, Redina also successfully completed a certification in “Management in Science and Innovation” in the Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer at Charles University.
Redina has always been very interested in business and throughout her years in the Czech Republic has been involved with LPP Invest, gaining experience in residential property. Her international connections, her expertise in healthcare, and her communication skills make Redina an excellent and invaluable team member for Paymán Investments.

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